The Search For Bright Waters

Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, We're leaving in the AM

This has been a hectic week. We knew it would be, but it's still just amazing how much you can get done in a short time when under pressure. Also a huge thanks to our families who have been SOOO helpful throughout all this and we wouldn't have gotten it all done without them. Thank you Tina and Trish (both moms) for juggling our cars. Thank you Dana for Christmas leftovers that lasted ALL WEEK!! We just finished them last night!! So helpful! Thank you Karen, Chet, Paul and Grammy for cold weather supplies!!! Thank you blog readers for advice and support! Thank you everyone else we may not have mentioned!!

Here are some things we bought on our latest provisioning adventure. [Super WalMart for life!!!!]

A Taste of Home 

Year Supply of Gummy Bears for Joey

Year Supply of Texas Pete for Christine

Pretty Christmas Present from Christine's Mom 

Pretty Christmas Present from Joey's Mom (Great Mom's think alike!) 

Mega flashlight from Joey's Mom 




Steve Dettman said...

Way to go you two. I was wondering if you would take advantage of this good weather. Hampton Creek, in Hampton, just south of the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel is a great anchorage and may be in line for day 2 stop. The nice part is it is not far off the waterway either. It is sheltered with good water and should the need arise the city docks are nice and $1.25 per foot which is cheap. And of course if you need things I can run you around. Fuel is available there too if you need to top off. Give me a call if you need anything. 757/285-7921.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

We're sooo excited for ya'll! I bet you won't sleep much tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hampton is a nice place. Older guide books may tell you you can have a four hour free stay at Hamptons public docks but as of last june they were charging 5 dollars for a day stop.

If you choose the Norfolk area instead to rest, the Hospital Point area (N36 50.712 W76 18.002)is used frequently during the season. Don't know what it's like in the winter. Maybe very windy and cold.

There are two free day dock areas in portsmouth N36 50.312 W76 17.783 and N36 50.123 W76 17.788. I've heard some people stay overnight with no problems on season. Check with them to make sure they are still free.

If you want to pay for dockage, my opinion would favor Waterside Marine (1.50 ft as of June) over Tidewater. Waterside has been VERY professional and curtious to me. While I have not stayed in tidewater, I have heard many bad stories of rude treatment and experienced just a little (enough to make me believe the stories) poor treatment when in the store myself. (They also run the coinjock marina so beware)

There are other worthy marinas in Norfolk that I know nothing about.

Which route will you take after Norfolk?

Anonymous said...

Oops- Jay

Joey and Christine said...

Thank you everyone for the great tips I am going to be sure to keep the free/cheap dockage information close by!

Jay after Norfolk we are doing the Dismal Swamp is that what you mean? If not, then I don't know. Joey is home making the route today!

Terry said...

Fair winds and following seas!

Steve D said...

Portsmouth does have two quays you can tie up in. They both have signs that say no overnight docking, but I've never heard of anyone being told to leave. The second one has a coffee shop right there but if you are trying to make tracks they might not open early enough. Depending on when you get to the southern end of the bay would most likely help in your decision making. You can find both these quays by looking for the ferry that crosses the river from Norfolk to Portsmouth and back. The ferry stops at both quays.

Norfolk/Portsmouth are about 2.5 hours beyond the HRBT where as Hampton is 20 minutes. You would be looking at 2 fairly hard days of travel from Deale to this area. I've never tried to do that trip at this time of year and temperatures can be your worst enemy, especially after dark.

You will also have traffic restrictions at the Gilmerton Bridge. The Jordan bridge is gone so there is no issue there anymore.


Anonymous said...

Steve D and I are talking about the same areas in Portsmouth.

Regarding the Dismal, there are docks I understand to be free at the following locations.

After the Deep Creek lock (N36 44.740 W76 20.477. Let the lock keeper know that you will not need the route 17 bridge opened if you use this dock and he/she will love you for it.

After the 17 bridge (N36 44.434 W76 20.693. Has Food Lion at N36 44.323 W76 20.569. Great place to stop.

Welcome center N36 30.401 W76 21.352. This is just what you would expect to see at a highway rest area.

Before South Mills bridge N36 26.766 W76 19.644. I'm not 100% sure this is a legal stop but I've seen people use it without problem. There has to be somewhere to stop while you wait for the bridge opening.

Elizabeth City N36 17.915 W76 13.102. Homeless people will be all over you when you dock. Be ready for them. I'd skip Elizabeth if I were you.

I imagine you just want to get south as soon as possible but if you want to hear about Washington, Bath or Edenton in NC let me know.

I would avoid River Forest Marina in Belhaven, NC opting instead for either Dowry Creek Marina or maybe Cee Bee Marina. I've never been to the later two......but I've been to River Forest. Look for comments on River Forest and you'll see what I mean.


Laura and Hans said...

Of course we didn't get a spotlight until AFTER we ended up having to motor for 3 hours in the dark on very desolate stretch of the ICW. A spotlight would have made our lives a lot easier believe me!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Dismal, keep in mind we just had a major snow storm in a place where one does not belong. When you get to Deep Creek, make sure (ask them) that trees are not blocking the canal at any point. ("hey they would not lock us through if you couldn't get all the way through the canal, right?" Don't bet on it!) Ask if they have seen north bound boats since the storm. (They may not because no one-oops- moves this time of year)

Even if they report no trees keep a very sharp eye out for trees weaked by the storm that maybe overhanging the canal more than usual. This can be a problem even under normal circumstances.

Also, a grocery bag blown into the canal has been know to get caught in engine water intakes. What can you do? Just be aware of this if you get an overheat in the canal.

Also, there are next to no lights around the canal so movement in the dark is very dangerous. Maybe if you were willing to run your new spot light the whole time it might be ok but keep an eye on those trees.

Don't be shocked when you hit logs. I'd be very surprised to hear that none were hit.

Most of these warnings would go for the other route as well but to a lesser extent.