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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Month To Go

Hey everyone!!! Exactly one month until our expected leave date!! Wow!

As Joey is planning our route south we are interested in hearing Must-See stops. We are going to head south ASAP and not stop to 'smell the roses' if you will, because well, January in Maryland on the Bay without heat is going to be FREEZING!!!

That being said, there are a few places we want to stop and a lot of place I'm sure that we don't know about. So tell us where we should go. For example: There is a place in NC I believe that Zero to Cruising stopped that had free dockage? Good to know, Oriental NC. Where else if we are able?

The lead pic is a poster of the Bahamas we put at the foot of our bed for inspiration!

And here is Nala pretending to be a squirrel



Mid-Life Cruising! said...

How exciting! Unfortunately, we're living through ya'll and haven't experienced the East Coast. There are so many cruisers headed to the Bahamas right now! Ya'll and at least 5 other couples that we follow. We're so jealous! Looking forward to hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

Simbad the Sailing Cat enjoyed Nala's video and remindes Joey and Christine to check on pet entry requirements along their journey's path.

Ships Cat

Anonymous said...

If you haven't decided on which route to take between the dismal swamp or coinjock, I prefer coinjock. Dismal has free docks to overnight on each lock (inside the canal) and the visitors center and at Elizabeth city. You are likely to hear many bumps if you do the dismal as many logs are hanging just below the surface where you can't see them. Coinjock has better fueling if you are in need and of course it's a much larger and deeper canal. There is a free dock after you clear the Great bridge bridge. I wouldn't cross the currituck sound without a gps with proper charts.

Anonymous said...

previous comment by Jay Gordon

Joey and Christine said...

Yay Jay Gordon's here!!! That is the best news I have heard all day :)