The Search For Bright Waters

Monday, December 6, 2010

Food Stuffed Sailboat

Now that all our major projects are done, we have a few smaller projects we'd like completed before we leave. Install a 100 amp alternator, install a remote gas gauge, and install our transducer. So theres plenty to keep me busy over the next month.

I ran one extension cord from our inverter to the galley and one to the v-berth. This way we will be able to easily use 110 volt devices like the rice cooker and our laptops. We know these type of electronics are huge energy suckers so we will keep an eye on their use and try to use them while the engine is running.

I also ran the wires and installed Christines v-berth fan. I know, it's too cold for a fan now but hopefully in 2 months we will need these two babies on full blast.

The top climber finally got put away. After 4 trips up I finally got the new LED masthead/anchor light securly installed and our tv antenae mounted to the mast instead of hanging by ropes.

And here's another view of our sweet solar panels.

We also took our first huge provisioning trip. We redesigned our food storage system and packed it with tons of canned and boxed goods! This is about half of what we have aboard and we plan to make one more big trip. While away our dining will consist of 40% of food we brought, 30% of local food we purchase, and 30% of food we catch! Or something like that....

25 days to go from opposite hair day couple!


Philippe said...

The opposite hair picture and idea is hilarious! :D. Good luck on provisioning. I am sure you can't wait to get our of cold Maryland right now.

Anonymous said...

Be careful about installing a 100 amp alternator. With the size of your engine it won't be able to handle it and most likely you will wind up tearing up engine bearings. It will really put a load on you engine.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Oh I can only imagine how excited ya'll must be getting!

Eric said...

We are very excited for you two. Let us know if we can do anything.

All the best,
Eric and Bonnie

Joey and Christine said...

O yeah we can't wait to get out of the cold, it's gonna snow any day.

We decided not to install a larger alternator, we don't want to lose the horse power either.

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm surprised 100 amp would dog the engine out that much but I know nothing on this issue. I would look into the engine specs and follow that- maybe a little less because of age and some bad times you've had with the engine. You said you were getting .5 amps total from both solar panels on a gloomy day, have you had a chance to see what you get on a sunny day?

Jay Gordon