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Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 days to go - Blizzard? Seriously?

We plan on leaving New Years weekend and we are anxiously keeping an eye on the 'potential' BLIZZARD coming to the DC area this weekend according to the big online weather guys. At least we will have a white Christmas, and hopefully it gets all its blizzarding out of the way now, right??

Here is a picture of our cockpit during one of our 3 blizzards last year. We got in kind of a scary situation last year when our hatch froze closed with us inside and I'm pretty sure the scary part is we were almost out of rum.

Point is, while I do love snow, we have WAY too much to do in our final week to be stuck in a boat



Anonymous said...

Yikes, what a pic. Now imagine that snow on top of your new solar panels.

Not to beat a dead horse to death but...

I did the search you suggested on the vodka in the water tank thing. I think you may have misunderstood the posts you saw. The conversations I saw were debating between emptying the tanks completely or putting the pink potable water type antifreeze. The pink people said they did not want that chemical in their drinking water so people started sugesting vodka BUT no one was talking about then refilling the tank with water for regular use. They were just emptying the tank as much as the could the running a few gallons of vodka into the lines. This theme was repeated in several forums. There was also always someone who pointed out that a small amount of heat could keep the water system from freezing.


Joey and Christine said...

Well Jay. We're morons. haha. That was last year and to be fair we haven't added vodka to the tanks this year.

No but seriously, we appreciate you clearing things up. We would hate for other people to read things we wrote and attempt to do them our way thinking it is the right way when we have no idea!

Joey and Christine said...

Jay do you still think our template is overwhelming? I am considering changing it

- christine

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow! What a cool picture! Although I'm sure it wasn't too cool for it to be your own boat. Never thought about this happening, living here in the South. Best of luck with Mother Nature!

Anonymous said...

I am from Rochester, NY but live in Raleigh, NC now. 20 years ago (hoy!) I lived on a 35 foot power boat for three years (in Rochester). There were about 15-20 year round liveaboards with me. All had different approches for solving problems. Only one, after 20 years remains a liveaboard. Most quit within 5 years.

I now use a Macgregor 26 trailer sailor and have sailed out of Deale several times. I love the "keep it simple" attitude Macgregor has. If I had considered this type of boat 20 years ago, I might have stayed aboard. I hate the marina (management not most neighboors) experience and thought I would never have a large (if you can call it that) boat again.

I use dialup so, yes I do find your webpage slow to load. I usually crash out before it has completed loading. I'm not sure I've ever seen it load completely. Since you allowed anonymous comments, that's the only problem I see since changing from sailblogs. You should however consider that many people probably found you on sailblogs using the "browse" option from sailblogs main menu. They show most recent postings from whoever posted most recently. Post often and you get an automatic following. Not a bed deal (e).


Anonymous said...

I love the new format! Hope the snow holds off, fair winds!

Anonymous said...

The new format looks nice but seems to load even slower. Maybe cookie loading will make it load faster later? When you get underway you will quickly see the advantages of a faster loading page as you search for wireless hooks ups.

Merry Christmas Bright Eyes


Snoodle Time said...

Vodka while tasting better the next spring is really hard on rubber parts that are in the pump. Most folks have had expensive results using alcohol to winterize.