The Search For Bright Waters

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Written by Christine

Wednesday was a great day! We went to West Marine and managed to walk out with only a spray bottle fan. (I don't have an AC in my car and I was DYING), went to Fawcetts for the first time ever, even though we keep hearing about it, it's cheaper than West Marine, with a different selection. We picked up a few things there including this super awesome bracelet. Its called a turks head bracelet or sailors bracelet. I asked the counter girl why they were all so small, I couldn't get any of them on and I don't have big wrists, she explained you find one you can squeeze on and you wear it all season and cut it off at the end. In a different store the same day I found a wooden bead bracelet for a buck and when I tried to pick it up... there were THREE in the bundle! One being pink! So now I have four awesome bracelets on one arm and I am just too cool.

We went to downtown Annapolis next to pick up our muffler we bought and the Naval Academy air show was going on with the blue angels so we caught a peek of that. We ended up at Bacon and got some great deals there as well. We got two fans to wire in the V berth, and a solar shower ... room? You hang it up from the same halyard as the solar shower and its a private room you stand in. Wow! Kind of disappointed though since earlier in the day I bought a hula hoop and was going to put a shower curtain around that to use as a shower room. Now I might actually have to use it to exercise.

Wednesday night was back to the boat for Joey to do work in that hot and cramped little engine area. He's got everything back together except for a muffler attachment which he is going to pick up today, then we'll try to start it up this weekend and hopefully it will sound ok, and switch gears ok, otherwise he's got to dive down there and try to see if anything is stuck on the prop. After a few drinks one night I argued and won that I should be the one to do it so I could help, but quickly sobered and was terrified of cutting myself on the prop guard so I sheepishly told him he could in fact do it himself.

On second thought, maybe we'll have Nala do it. While Joey was working Wednesday, and I was in the cockpit hanging out, Nala decided she thinks the netting we put on our lifelines for the sole purpose of keeping cats in, is a jungle gym! Woo fun! Climb them! Then she got really brave and decided to see whats on the other side. After a few times rescuing her (not that she knew that) from the other side, I got out the crabbing net/pole and resumed my chillin. I figured I would hear her splash.


Luckily another live-aboard Julie was walking down the dock at that moment and saw her fall in. Joey had just come out of the hole so I grabbed the pole and we both scrambled for the front of the boat. It was getting dark and we couldn't see water moving, or hear any splashing, so we panicked but Julie from the dock could see that she was right below us, and since the boat angles out is why I couldn't initially see her. I was shaking so bad I gave joey the pole and he fished her out! She was swimming like a champ though! I was impressed. Poor kitty. By this time, all of her fans seemed to be on the dock and everyone had their input and stories about when their cats have fallen in. She got dried off and is fine. It probably felt good since it was such a hot day. Our hope is that she learned her lesson. Nomy cat though, I must say, did not handle that situation like I was hoping. When we got to the bow of the boat he was just looking over the edge. Haha. Meow, or come get me or something next time cat.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Are Lost Without LOST

Well because of our work in progress engine, this weekend wasn't too exciting. I spent a lot of time in the hole cleaning and working on the engine. The two side zincs have been changed, a boy did they need it! I also installed the new hoses and they look quite spiffy.

Christine has been working on our wood boards that we will strap our jerry jugs to. We plan to have 4 or 5 Five gallon jugs on fuel on one side of the deck and 4 or 5 Five gallon jugs of water on the other side. Christine is also balancing boat work with the online classes she signed up for so she is staying quite busy while I'm banging away at the engine.

Saturday was only a half work day as we had a family picnic to attend. Good food, good family, good times.

Sunday after a lil boat work we had a yearning to be out on the water. This engine was stealing a weekend from us but we have other ways to play on the water. So we broke out our inflatable kayaks and paddled around the river. It was good exercise and a lot of fun. We soon worked up an appetite and paddled over to Coconut Joes which is the restaurant across the river from us and coincidentally owned by the same person who owned Calypso Bay, the restaurant/ bar that was walking distance from our old marina and some of our employee friends transferred there! We kayaked right up onto their lil beach and had bite to eat while trying to pick out our mast among the many at our marina in the distance.

Sunday was also a half work day (lets be serious, its always a half work day) because the series finale of LOST was coming on at 7 and we had to find a tv to watch it on! Yes we are LOST fans (we named our first dinghy Sawyer) and anyone else who is knows what a big deal this was. We ended up at Christines Grammys house to watch the 4 and half hour event and were sad as it ended.

One day we are going to find our own magical island to be lost on!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Our New Blog Home!

Hello to both Bloggers and Sailbloggers. We spent the last 15 months blogging at and while we had a great time there, we felt we could do more here at Blogger.

A quick recap for the new readers:

At the beggining of 2009 my wife Christine and I (Joey) decided we wanted to travel and see more of the world. We both have worked in an office for the last 4 - 8 years and want more. After some research we decided the best way to do this was to buy a sailboat. We both have been on fishing boats a few times but neither of us had ever stepped foot on a sailboat.

So we started learning through books and people. Sailors are some of the friendliest helpful people we've ever met. In April 2009 we purchased a 1985 Seidelmann 37 and named her Bright Eyes. Our first day sailing was on the day of the survey.  In June 2009 we moved aboard.

Since then we have learned a ton about sailing, maintenance, engines, electricity, navigation, safety, and our favorite Cruising!  We also survived the entire Blizzard Winter we had.

After we paid off all our 8/8/08 wedding debt we have been putting all our money towards cruising. Our goal is to save up enough money to leave on November 1st, 2010, sail to the Caribbean and last 2 years.

This blog will describe our misadventures and will let all our friends and family know how we are doing.

If you'd like to read our past Sailblog blogs, you can find them here: