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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bon Voyage Party

Sunday was our family Bon Voyage Party. My sister Jessie and Mom hosted it at a local cafe in Prince Frederick and really did a great job. It was a blast!

Jessie made cute palm tree invitations, printed out our blog for ppl to read and made a great photo album of us. There was also a poster board for ppl to write things for us to do while we are away. This included classics like swim with dolphins and dive for treasure, and more modern like golf and catch a marlin. My favorite was my 12 year old cousins suggestion to dont bring shoes! We plan on taking a picture of us doing everything on the list! Sword fighting a pirate might be a hard one....

There was lots of food and we even got some gifts! Every bit helps at this point so we are very appreciative :)

We got to answer lots of concerning questions and at the end of the day most ppl seemed impressed with the amount of research and preparation we had done over the last 2 years. We were able to hold our own in conversations about engines, food, and safety! We are ready to go and now that we have been shipped off properly we cant wait to go!

My Mom Dad, Jessie, Jarret, Christine and Me

Thank you Jessie for putting this together for us, it was impressive. And thank you to all our family that made it and to all our well wishers. We love you all!

Heres a treat from the party: my mom along with my aunt and uncles singing a Bright Eyes parody of Giligans Island

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