The Search For Bright Waters

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rose Island is Awesome Island

We are still here!  Sorry but the internet has been unavailable since we left Nassau on March 27th.  Hopefully you can see our SPOT progress to know we are OK!

We had some more fun in Nassau and even broke out some toys we had to keep us entertained

Nala celebrating St Patrick's Day

Christine is sprouting again

We set up this cheap dartboard we had.

Star Wars Monopoly!

Three or four huge cruise ships would come in almost every day in Nassau.

Beautiful Christine

I got an acoustic guitar from the pawn shop

A barge pulled up in front of Paradise Island next to us and gave a sweet fire works display.  I think it was the closest we been to the launch pad and was a lil scary that flames wouldn't rain on our boat.

Potters Cay is a must visit in Nassau.  It is two streets of packed in local food vendors.  The record was 8 conch fritters for $2. Yum!

These catamarans full of people would always pass us and we would find out later where they were going...

Nala looking for pity

We got all our chores done in Nassau and finally bid it farewell.  We decided to anchor outside of Nassau before heading to the Exumas the next day.  However the anchorage was rocky so we moved a little further north to Rose Island and stumbled upon the best beach yet!

The water was the clearest we've seen and we were able to anchor so close to the beach that we could jump off the boat and swim to the beach.  We finally got over our fear of swimming in the water because this is where those catamarans full of people were! 50 plus people were swimming and snorkeling not far away.  So we hoped in and had some fun in the water!

There were also plenty of palm trees and a trail to hike

We finally learned to snorkel and I got to use our spear.  I need a lot of practice though.  I hit a few fish but they just spun around and then swam away.  Then I saw a decent sized sting ray below me and got out of the water. I think the fish went and got a body guard.

We used our metal detector with no luck.

This island a mile away looked so perfect but when we dinghyed to it it had a sign saying private and to call about renting it.  We want to buy it!

We explored the island and loved Rose Island so much that we stayed there a whole week.  Our dream location finally arrived.

On Sunday April 3rd we decided to move on to the Exumas because we heard there is a Cruisers Regatta in George Town in April that we don't want to miss.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like a great place! Glad ya'll were able to find a place to swim, and love the pictures.

Laura and Hans said...

The cats are cracking me up! I'm glad to see you are doing well and Hans now wants to play Monopoly with you. I wouldn't advise it though as I've learned from experience that he turns into a real slumlord let me tell you!

Chet said...

So glad you found it perfect. Love the cat-splat image on the hatch cover.
Stay well!