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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Exumas: Allen's Cay Iguanas and Boo Boo Hill

The Exumas are supposed to be the most scenic of all the Bahamas.  They are not disappointing!

Our first stop was Allen's Cay which has wild endangered iguanas.  As soon as we beached our dinghy they came out like zombies and surrounded us.  They looked pretty friendly though so we played with them for awhile.  You aren't supposed to feed them but we found a piece of fruit on the ground so we figured that was okay.  You could tell they were used to getting fed cuz they all came out and had fun eating the fruit we smashed up.  They even ate some out of Christines hand.

Our next stop was Normans Cay. They were supposed to have internet and cheese burgers which we were excited about.  Sadly their internet wasn't working and the cheeseburgers cost $18 each!  We don't have a fridge on board and can't catch fish or lobster so when everything you eat is out of a box or can, a burger is the world.  They were not worth $18 though and we left unsatisfied.  We explored some and then decided to move on.

I was able to dive down and see our anchor nice and snug

We took a short trip down to Shroud Cay where we heard a lot of good things about.  This Cay had more beautiful water and secluded beaches.  We inflated our kayaks for the first time and did some exploring by water.  We even saw our first shark!  It was about 2-3 feet long, maybe a reef shark or nurse shark?  It wasn't that scary since we were in our kayaks and I was hoping to see more.

We tried to kayak up a river we were told about that lead to a nice beach but the wind was in our face and it was low tide so we had to drag our kayaks across land, so we turned around.  Anyone else who tries this river should go at high tide.

The next day we continued south to Warderick Wells Cay.  Our goals were Boo Boo Hill and internet.  We were let down again when the park lady told us that the internet was only for mooring ball holders.  That would be $15 plus $10 for one day or 100mb of internet.  We had a lot to do online so we would each need our own account, so we passed on the $35 for one day of internet. We were getting nervous now though knowing that it had been 12 days since we talked to anyone and family worries.

A whale skeleton!

We did succede with our other goal of Boo Boo Hill though.  This infamous hill of the Bahamas used to be covered in water and was a shoal a long time ago.  An unlucky ship wrecked here and everyone died.  The legends of their ghost resulted in the name Boo Boo Hill.

Now a days all passing cruisers stop by to pay homage by writing their name on a piece of driftwood and adding it to the pile.

The view is also spectacular from the top and we could see our boat anchored.  It's too tiny to see but it's in this pic.

Some cruisers get real fancy with their name but all we had was a bottle of spray paint so we did our best. The four sides of this log say "SV" "Bright" "Eyes" "4/11"

Eager to continue on to Staniel Cay,  the George Town Regatta, and some internet, we left the next day.  Anything we miss now we can always visit on the return trip.

We are currently anchored in Staniel Cay next to the famous Thunderball Grotto!  We were lucky enough to get internet from our boat but at a price. $25 for three days, each.  Crazy but I guess thats supply and demand. Plus we get 750mb each instead of 100 per day.  Once we are done catching up with people and lame land life chores we will explore this wonderful island.  We plan to stay here until we move to George Town for the Regatta on April 18th!

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Those iguanas are a trip! Love the picture of the tracks they leave behind. Enjoy the Exumas!