The Search For Bright Waters

Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing Tourist in Nassau

After going ten days without any human interaction (except for the Berry Island Club bartender).  We decided to head back to civilization, Nassau, The Capital of the Bahamas!

The winds were pretty good and we finally got to sail without the engine and make progress!  It was a nice silence except for the waves.  This was our third ocean crossing so the big waves didn't scare us.  Neither did the 10,000 feet depths we were crossing!

Come sail with us

We cleared into the Nassau harbor and found a nice anchorage directly in front of Atlantis!  We walked around downtown Nassau and found another Lovers Lane.

We don't have internet from the boat but the free dinghy dock at The Green Parrot has internet so we either just sit on the dock for internet or go in and order a blooming onion!

We walked across the bridge to Paradise Island.  The bridge was really steep but the walk was worth it. 

We walked into some resort (Dolphins Cove) and could go to their beach if we wanted to but we were hungry so we tried to eat at their restaurant.   Apparently you need a room to eat there so i just made one up  but the lady didn't buy it and we had to "go back to our room to get it".  

Luckily Atlantis allows day visitors and we could walk around that huge resort.

and Casino!

I really wanted to see their famous aquarium so we coughed up the $38/person fee and got to see all of our sea nightmares come to life!

Nassau has been pretty cool so far.  Our anchorage is a lil crowded but the boat doesn't rock constantly so thats plus.  Party boats go by pretty often but we just enjoy their tunes.  We go into town for $3 for 10 conch fritters or just to walk around and get internet.  Lately we have been waking up at noon, staying in bed till 3 or 4pm and then hanging out all night. 

But just like Miami we will get our people fix, make our boat repairs, buy some fresh food and move on soon.

The main things we need are fuel and The Exumas Explorer Charts.   


Anonymous said...

Never cared much for Nassau, but your pictures were great. The pirate museum is good and also the queen's staircase. Tom

TaylorMad1 said...

Love all the pics

The Ceol Mors said...

So glad you peeps are having such a marvelous time! Well done on the crossing. $38 a person to see fish?!?! Ouch! Please tell me you get to go on the waterslide for that amount of cheese.

kmsnlawrence said...

You guys are awesome I love your updates. Have fun!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Looks like a great time, and free docking at the Green Parrot .. we'll have to remember that!

Laura and Hans said...

I have to fly out of Nassau on the 13th of April and Hans will be stuck on the boat by himself for a week with Wilbur. I'll tell him about the anchorage since he has to hang out until I get back. I had Conch Fritters in West End but it was more than 3 bucks!
Keep having fun!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Surfed in from Mid Life Cruising. Great site, love the photos.

Keep up the fun!

Barco Sin Vela II
Back in Jax

Ron said...

I've been following your website for a while but I've never been able to find what your plans are. So, where to after the Bahamas? Where will you wait out hurricane season? Just curious. Thanks for letting us all follow along.

Anonymous said...

Two things scare my wife. Deep water (not for the waves) and not being able to see land. Neither make sense. You can drown in 1 inch of water and and more than 70 feet and your ship is sunk and of no value as "flotation".

As for not seeing land, the farthest I've swam is 4 tenths of a mile. I slept for four hours straight after that and I was 17. Seeing land could be five miles away. That won't save anyone except maybe Michael Phelps.

Are you saying the Dolphin Cove would not serve paying non guests? I could see that if there serving capability is limited and they want to ensure their guests are taken care of. Surely you weren't trying to bum a free meal.


Joey and Christine said...

Thanks for all the comments!

MLC - The Green Parrot has been our second home here. If you don't hail a server they don't even bother you about ordering something. Sometimes we get a appetizer.

Knotty Cat - We found 4 fritters for a dollar at Potters Cay, thats the record. $10 bucks gets you 40 fritters!!! ha

Ron - After the Bahamas... don't scare us with such talk. jk we do not have solid plans yet. But we will eventually move back to land

Jay - Yea the water distance and depth isn't that scary, just thinking that help isn't near by can be unnerving. At The Dolphin Cove we planned to pay cash but they didn't accept cash only a room card.

Anonymous said...

Help? Help?! I thought you guys were anarchists! No government means no Coast Guard, no police, no hopsital and no help.