The Search For Bright Waters

Monday, April 18, 2011

Staniel Cay and the Big Major Pigs

We loved Staniel Cay!  

Our anchorage was calm.  We arrived to a FULL rainbow from Club Thunderball to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club

The town was very pretty with a few restaurants and grocery stores.  

The lady in the yellow house sells fresh bread.  The pink and blue houses were small grocery stores.

We even found a tennis court to get some fun exercise.

And then the moment we had been waiting for.... The Big Majors Pigs!

We loved these fat ole wild pigs, especially the baby pig.  When we dingied close to shore they swam out to us and we threw them bread.  Then we went ashore and fed the baby pig.  When we ran out of food it started squealing like a big baby, we felt bad.  Then it would follow us around.  When we pet him he would roll over on his side, very cute for a pig.

The three other adult pigs were SO fat.  We heard that they would try to get in our dinghy so we kept an eye on the one fatty that was standing next to our dinghy the whole time.  He would sink that inflatable so fast.  Luckily he just observed.

We claimed an empty beach and had fun exploring.

We went to the infamous Thunderball Grotto from the James Bond movie Thunderball.  Unfortunately our underwater camera broke so we will have to take pics on the way back.  We definitely want to spend more time here on our way home.

It was really neat and we were surrounded by colorful fish.  Once we swam under the rocks it opens up into a beautiful cave with the sunlight shining through.  From there we fed the fish old bread and watched the frenzy. We will get pics next time.

We left Friday and anchored by Normans Pond Cay and then Saturday we arrived at George Town.  Turns out the Reggata is next week from the 26th - 30th.  So we made it to our ultimate destination goal and will continue to enjoy the scenery :)


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

The little pink pig is so cute! Glad to hear that the pigs were friendly and allowed you to go onshore .. and even pet them. Boy those pigs have the life! Enjoy Georgetown .. that place sounds like a blast!

Laura and Hans said...

I'm so stinking jealous! We will not get to see the pigs this year and that was one thing I really wanted to do.
Maybe next year.

Chet said...

if wishes were fishes, then pigs would... swim?

Joey and Christine said...

Yeah we cant wait to go back and see them pigs again!