The Search For Bright Waters

Monday, March 14, 2011

Peace at last, Fraisers Hog Cay

After four days of rough waves and wind we finally found sanctuary at Fraisers Hog Cay.  We wanted to lobster hunt at Chub Cay but the waves were too choppy and I was ill from the boat motion, we left asap.

The storms here are so fast that sometimes they stop before we can even close all the hatches!

At Fraisers Hog Cay we had our own beach but it was really rocky.  We found lots of big starfish tho.

We tried to eat at the Berry Islands Club but you have to give them two hours notice so they can run to the airport and get your ingredients.  So we told them we wanted cheese burgers and would be back the next day.

We found a feisty hermit crab

We are still too afraid to get in the water so we use our underwater camera to take pictures.

Theres a starfish in the middle of this pic

Christine has broken out the sprouts again.  mmmm Healthy

The Bahamas burn all their trash. We found one of their piles and added our trash.

We hiked the island to feel better about eating the cheese burgers

Sunday we moved onto Nassau, blog to come.

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Laura and Hans said...

OMG!! Is that a snake in that picture?? I haaaate snakes! Anyway, I'm a bit funny about getting into the water too but Hans the Fearless loves to check out the anchor and when he gets in the water I tell him to look around first for sharks. I'm looking forward to what I call 'safe snorkeling' and Hans said, "Do you really think sharks stay away from safe snorkeling areas?" That didn't make me happy.