The Search For Bright Waters

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Are The Bahamas So Windy

We are finally losing track of the days which is pretty fun.  And we wear the same couple outfits, bathing suits.
So one of those days we moved down to Gun Cay.  

We passed a really old shipwreck named Sapona

We anchored in Honeymoon Harbor and were able to get really close to the beach!

We explored the island

and found a lot of old shoes...

and plenty of conch! (side note: conch has upset my stomach and is on a temporary ban)

fun in the sand

Our personal postcard

Picnic on the beach.  We were the only people on the island so it was a private beach picnic!

Before we left we found a great deal on cream of mushroom and tomato soup, 25cents a can, so we bought a ton of it!  Then came the problem of how to use it.  We can't make grilled cheeses and have limited french's fried onion for green bean casserole.  Christine discovered if you mix the two it creates a delicious soup broth and then just add veggies of choice.  Two birds, one stone.

We moved down to North Cat Cay but it was private so we couldn't go ashore. Lame.

That night the winds were out of control and we dragged for the first time ever.  The anchor reset itself tho and then we watched the boats around us skeptically to make sure they kept their space.  One boat got really close to us (about 20 feet) but right as I yelled to them they motored away.  We didn't get too much sleep.

The next day since we couldn't go ashore we decide to keep moving and head toward the Berry Islands.  To get there we had to cross the Great Bahama Banks which are about 86 miles long but only 10-15 feet deep.  So the first day we just went about halfway and then pulled over and anchored.  We made sure we anchored far enough off the channel so no other boats would hit us.  It was still scary tho being completely surrounded by darkness.  Plus the waves were bouncing us up and down till our davit hardware snapped.  What was that about cruising just being a fancy word for fixing things in exotic locations...

Again, not much sleep.

Nomy finally got tired of being sick in the cabin while underway and now hangs with us in the cockpit.  Nala was glad to have him.

The last 15 miles of the journey were across more Atlantic and we got to see the pretty deep blue water again.

We arrived at Chub Cay just before a squall came over us.  The beach is private here too and it costs $100 to go to shore, wtf.  However we can still use their Wi-Fi so ha!

The water is even clearer here but since George told us those wildlife horror stories we have been afraid to get in the water. Something we really need to get over.  We have each been in the water once and all we can think about is SHARK SHARK SHARK!!!


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

What a great idea to mix the two soups. We need easy things like that, as cooking isn't our thing. I can understand the fear of sharks. Hopefully you'll be in an area soon that makes you feel more comfortable.

Stephanie said...

Try cooking the cream of mushroom with rice. My boys love that. I haven't tried it yet with tomato.

Laura and Hans said...

Did you guys know there was a bull shark in Bimini? Thank God the guys next to us told me what the hell that huge thing was that was cruising around our marina. Needless to say, Wilbur did not go swimming!
Hans is itching to move on to the Berry Islands. We'll see.

Joey and Christine said...

Knotty Cat - Thanks for scarying us more. we just saw a eagle ray at bimini. we found the chub cay anchorage to be really rough but up the channel to the fraisers hog cay anchorage was very calm. We just use one anchor, a 44lb bruce and it never drags even in the strongest winds. however we think it dragged for the first time at Cat Cay in crazy winds but reset on its own. i then let out more scope and it was fine. we usually use 7:1 - 10:1 scope.

Stephanie - Cream of mushroom and rice is a staple in our home!

MLC - we saw ppl snorkling WITH the sting rays at the Atlantis aquarium that really made us feel like wimps.