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Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Ready for our Vacation Cruise

Well first great news, Our offer on the house was accepted! The house was listed at $94,500 when we found it and we got it for $82,500, a great deal! I know what your thinking, it must be a dump right, nope!

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It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath in Palm Bay, FL just 15 min to Satelite Beach. It's 1600 square feet with a 2 car garage and florida room on a quarter acre. It has nice hardwood floors and really cool built in shelves in 3 rooms. The master bathroom is straight out of the Hilton and even has a bidet'! We are really excited about it and think we got a pretty good deal. Once we go to closing we will fly down there to set it up and then hire a management company to rent it out for us.

In more boat related news we leave for our 10 day cruise next friday! There are still a few things to get done so we've buckled down and started working on the boat again.

Things to do in a week:

We finally have all the parts to install our new Racor 500 fuel filter.

We bought a Xantrex Link Lite Battery Monitor which will help us keep track of our electric usage while cruising since we don't have solar or wind power yet. Our friends John and Yvonne just installed one of these and it doesn't look to hard so hopefully we can knock it out this weekend.

And finally our Lofrans Royal manual windlass. This has been on our to do list for way to long and I finally dived in. Drilling the holes into our boat is mentally tough but I finally did it and the installation is going well. We decided to put the windlass in our anchor locker. We have a inch thick piece of wood as the backing plate underneath. Then we will drill three 2 inch holes that allow a PVC pipe to go from our anchor locker to below our v-berth. So then the chain will just feed down the PVC pipe and below where we sleep. It is far enough down the v-berth that our feet wont even touch the pipe, remember our v-berth is 11 feet long!

The lead pic is me enjoying an achor locker bath before drilling the holes.

So hopefully these three projects will be done and we can cast off prepared on Friday. We are heading south but other than that we don't really care where we go. Probably not any further than VA beach.


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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Congratulations on your house purchase! As a real estate agent, I feel real estate is a great way to invest, as long as you pay the right price - which you did! Rentals are the way we plan on living the cruising dream. Enjoy your upcoming cruise!