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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Sailing World

So Sunday while we're out sailing, there is this other sailboat next to us and the operator starts talking to us for awhile (made possible by incredibly slow boat moving speed), and as they veer away from us, they say 'keep up the good work on the blog'. !!!!!

Wow! So someone saw us and recognized us. that is an amazing feeling!

Then today, I am at work. We have a long-time vendor here, who's brother has gone cruising, and the vendor has shown us his brothers blog in the past. So his brother comes in today and we start excitedly talking about cruising. He of course is adamant that we need all this expensive stuff, and I tell him frankly, that we're not buying all that stuff, we're cruising with little money. He then proceeds to tell me in the Bahama's he met another young couple like us, and they were getting married the next day and his twin girls got to be their flower girls... sound familiar?

It was hobo sailors wedding!

Then I was starstruck because as you may know, I love hobo sailor.

Small small crazy crazy world.


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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

It truly is a small world, and we're amazed at how many people share our cruising dream! Hopefully we'll run into ya'll someday in the Caribbean waters.