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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Windlass is Finally Installed

On Saturday while Christine was at work building up our cruising kitty I stayed home and worked on our projects. I didn't get as far as I'd like but atleast the weekend wasn't a total failure like usual.

I successfully installed our new Racor 500 fuel filter. It was'nt too hard, a basic swap with the old one. But the hose connecting the fuel filter to the engine didn't fit and was looking a lil busted so I replaced that two. That required a lil more finesse as I had to run the hose through half of our boat. But I got it connected and bled the line and it should be ready to go.

Next was the Lofrans Royal Manual Windlass install. This went pretty well too and the only real problem I ran into was the drill battery kept dying. After I drilled the first 2 inch hole in the anchor locker floor I had to rig an extension to reach down thru and cut a hole in the second level. Then I cut through about 3 inches of wood on the final level of our v-berth bed floor. The PVC pipe fed down thru nicely and I epoxied it in good at all three levels.

Nala making sure the hole works

After a brief search I found a good hawrse pipe at Bacon for only $10 and it fit in nicely. The windlass is now installed and we just have to load the anchor down to its new home. I am also working on creating a custom rise on the anchor locker door so that it can close over our anchor but that can wait till after our vacation.

The view from our bed

I did not even get to the battery monitor over the weekend but I did find out that we have to buy another hole saw to make the proper 2 inch hole and that we need a $100  50ft wire connection kit. Boating aint cheap! But our natural desire to save kicked in and I refused to pay $100 for wires so I called around some shops looking for the right wire. I eventually found a place that would sell me the 10 ft of wire I needed for $10. Perfect! Now we just gotta pick a good spot for the install and hope it goes well before we leave tomorrow!

In other news our kitten Nala has grown up fast and is an animal who loves ALL people food. Chicken, spaghetti, ramen noodles, green beans, pineapple, and subway!


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