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Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Always Sunny In Florida

Last weekend we took a lil trip down to Melbourne Florida for a three day weekend. Our good friends Missy and Josh live down there and were kind enough to let us stay with them. We had a great time visiting the shops and beaches and wildlife refugees.

Both nights we walked the beach we saw a huge 3 foot long sea turtle coming up to lay eggs. We also saw three alligators at a wild life refugee. We were about 40 feet from one, it was awesome! We were on a raised look out tho and had our car ready to go in case it tried to get wild on us, but it was a calm alligator.

We did some shopping at the outlets and went to Ron Jons surf shop which is huge and has a salt water tank in the middle with a 3 foot shark and a long eel in it. Pretty Cool.

Every where we looked we saw BBQ eateries and golf courses, I was in heaven.

But the main reason we went down there was to look at cheap houses! Yep, we are buying a house. The houses down there are pretty cheap and if we can rent them out, then it will pay for itself. Since we pushed the departure date back to Spring of 2011 (April 1st now!) we have some extra money and it will be nice to come back to a house when we finish cruising. Plus later in life we can rent it out and maybe cruise forever!!!

We looked at 22 houses and are in talks with a seller now. Wish us luck!


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