The Search For Bright Waters

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Woods and Water Trails, Shroud Cay

Surprise!  We found internet at Normans Cay.  Thank you Linksys!

Finishing up our Warderick Wells Cay visit we went on a dangerous hike! 

Here is our boat on it's first ever mooring ball.  It took a little figuring out but we got it.  That is Emerald Rock under the sun.

After a short dinghy to the beach we found this hidden entrance to a trail.  Christine is in this pic already hiking up the little cliff.

There were several rat/wombat like things scurrying around in the trees.  We found out later they are Bahamas only native mammal, the Hutia.

We passed lots of ruins that just looked like rocks stacked up but are from the 1800s.  This was someones house a long time ago.

The trail was rocky and you had to watch out for these really deep holes.  We don't know how they were formed but they were deep and creepy.

We passed signs warning us of the "Touch Me Not" flower and "Poison Wood"

Then we found a ruins wall leading us to another beach.  How pleasant.  Actually the whole hike was fun and not really dangerous at all.

This beach had a curious floating house on the water.  Maybe that's what we will buy next.

The next day we had to move off the mooring and anchored again.  The next morning our trusty Claw anchor decided to take the day off and we woke to find that we had dragged some 200 feet into shoal.  We don't think we were on it long because we didn't notice any bumping till we got up.

After a few attempts of using the engine and the anchor windlass to pull us off we realized we were stuck good and had to call the Park.  They sent out a boat that pulled us off pretty easily and we headed off to Shroud Cay

After a nice sail north we arrived at Shroud Cay at high tide and decided to give that river trail another attempt.  On the way down the Exumas we tried to kayak the river at low tide and failed miserably.

This time we had another 2 feet under us and took the 3.5hp dinghy!

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

It was a lot nicer this time and a very scenic ride.

We are glad we gave up kayaking last time because it was a long, windy ride, about 25 minutes in the dinghy.

But eventually we found the secrete beach on the other side and it was sure worth it.  The whole area was beautiful so we broke out the camera for a Scopes like shooting.

This dark spot was a ocean hole.  It was shallow all around it but the hole is supposed to go down deep!

At the beach we climbed a hill for some high shots. Here's the river we took to get there.

The next day we went to our favorite beach on the north side.  We just spent the day reading, running, and relaxing until the tide came up and kicked us out.

Shroud Cay is one of our favorite islands.  So pretty!


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Great pics ... looks beautiful! Glad ya'll didn't experience any "poison wood" or fall into one of those creepy holes! =)

Joey and Christine said...

thanks! we wanna know how those holes were formed. did someone try to dig a well a long time ago and then give up?