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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

George Town Exumas Bahamas, Virtual Tour

After the last blog with the lack of pictures we realized that we hadn't taken many pictures of this wonderful town we've called home for 6 1/2 weeks.  So here is George Town in Pictures..

Our view of the town from our boat

To get to the dinghy dock we have to go under this narrow bridge that creates a super fast current. Going in is like hitting a booster in Mario Cart, and coming out we go about .0001 mph while waves crash into us.  It's fun every time!

Here's the cruiser parking lot. Its June 1st so most cruisers have left, but the dock used to stay very crowded

Our first spot is the newly founded Bikini Bottom which serves great food, ice cream, and is a local hang out. The owner was very friendly.  From here you can pull the Exuma Market Grocery store internet.

Which means next in line is the grocery store, Exuma Markets.  The mail boat comes on Tuesday so Wednesday is the best day to see the store packed with food.

This lil hut didn't have a name but the guy here sells bbq pork, chicken or ribs with macaroni and corn for $10 and it was the best we found around!  It was so hard to walk by as her was constantly grilling.  That should be illegal advertising because it smelled so good!

This is also where Darren the peanut guy hangs out and you can get a bag of roasted peanuts for $1

Next is the park where we spent many nights.  The school kids come here after school to hang out.

Across the street is Top to Bottom which has a lot of marine stuff and will help you ship stuff in via DHL.  They also have cheap movies on dvd.

Then come Two Turtles which is the other place besides Eddies Edgewater (on the other side of the lake) that the locals hang out.  They have a cool tiki bar and a big movie screen against the building wall to play sports.

Across from Two Turtles is a straw market with lots of home made gifts

Then comes the quaint library.  For $3 per couple you can rent books here and the selection is pretty good.  The only downside is that they are only open Mon-Fri 10-12

We saw this guy with a cage full of land crabs.  They were bulky and green and very creepy looking compared to our Maryland Blue Crabs 

Another great place was Pets Place which offers internet and food and usually had baked goods for us to snack on

A walk down the one way street

Theres our boat from the view on top of that narrow bridge

Down the street the other way from the dinghy dock is J&K which sells computer stuff and some groceries but most importantly frozen juice treats for 30 cents which we loved and got almost everyday on shore

Here is our view of the other side of the harbor, Stocking Island

We have left George Town and are making our way back up the Exumas chain, blog to come.

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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Thanks for the pictures. They really give us a much better idea of what Georgetown is like. Looks good to us! Nice to know they even have DVD and book rentals. We've never heard of (or seen) green crabs before. They don't look near as tasty. Enjoy the Exumas!