The Search For Bright Waters

Thursday, June 9, 2011

High Seas to Leaf Cay

We left George Town on Wednesday June 1st.  The weather was pretty windy but we never let that stop us before.  As we made it out of the harbor the waves got bigger and bigger and were crashing on us.  It just reminded us of some bad days on the Chesapeake so we kept going.

Soon the waves were over our head (i'd guess 10 feet) and the boat was pitching side to side hard.  We had everything inside tied off good so that was no worries but it still didn't feel good on the boat.  I would steer into the bigs waves slightly to prevent the harsh rocking.  Nomy began to cry as the waves crashed on deck and got us wet.

It started raining and Christine, who was reading her e-reader, got up to put it and our camera inside.  Just then a huge wave smacked us on the side and threw Christine to the lifelines.  The force of the jerk sent her e-reader flying out of her hand and into the deep blue sea.  It was a scary moment as I thought she was going over too, but luckily the netting and life lines kept her in.  Christine was very upset about losing her second e-reader, that we just got, as we both held on through the rest of the huge waves.

We made it back to Normans Cay, where we anchored on the way down, but took a left over to Leaf Cay this time.  After much debate we decided we would go back to George Town to get some more books since the e-reader was gone, have another under water camera shipped through dhl this time, and just hang around our town that we missed already.

The ocean had different plans.  The next day as we headed back to GT the waves were somehow bigger.  The narrow channel to enter the ocean had huge waves breaking right on our bow and the boat was shooting to the moon and then crashing down.  We made it through there but after about 5 miles of motoring the engine slowed and then died.  This wasn't a spot to be working on the engine down below as the boat was still pitching with each monster wave (they looked closer to 15 feet now), so we opened up the genoa (our front sail, our favorite sail) and kept moving along.  We couldn't aim south to George Town though because the wind was in our face so we turned around and headed back to Leaf Cay.

This actually turned out pretty nice.  Since we were now sailing about 6-7 knots with just the genoa up instead of motoring we felt more in tune with the waves.  We crashed into less of them and seemed to drift easily over them with the wind.  The scary part of sailing back through the narrow channel and to our anchorage turned out to be a piece of cake and soon we were spinning the boat into the wind to drop the genny and toss out the anchor where we had started a few hours before.

At anchor I found an oil leak and tightened it up and the engine came back alive.  But now we knew we didn't need that dumb engine. The winds are at our backs now heading north...

Friday we decided to rest and check out the Leaf Cay beach.  Back to island living!

We were greeted by the funny green and pink iguanas.  There were only four as opposed to the tons at Allens Cay and these guys were a little more brave.

They came right up to us and we found some near by fruit to feed them.  Soon they were eating a buffet out of our hands.

The beach itself was nice and we did some exploring to look for sea beans.

We wanted to circumnavigate the island but the winds were strong on the other side and it was raining too.  We cut through and then had to do rock hiking to get back to our boat

We found a small beach with the largest conch garden/graveyard we've ever seen.  These are all conch shells and there was more out of camera

At one point I wanted to walk through the water to get back to our dinghy but I'm glad we didn't because we saw a nurse shark swimming around.

This is the tiniest hermit crab we've found!

It's good to be back with nature

Nomy is more of a hotel cat.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow, I can't wait till the day when I'm as calm as ya'll seemed to be with such big waves! Sorry to hear about the e-reader, but glad Christine's okay. Looks like ya'll are "cruising" just fine!

Joey and Christine said...

Calm is the last word we'd use to describe that time. more like tense! we do our best though.