The Search For Bright Waters

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Virginia Is For Lovers, and Internet

We left St Jeromes Creek in a thick fog. We had to use the Garmin to get us out. The Fog continued into the Bay and at one point we thought we heard a fog horn.  We hoped up and started searching the coast but visibility was maybe a half mile.  We almost gave up when we saw this large barge push through the fog at us. We had plenty of time to get out the way but it was still kinda scary.  We honked our fog horn back at it and continued our trip very aware!

In order to keep the wind and spray off of us we tied up these "Dexter" sheets. They limit our visibility some but are well worth it. We both agree is warmer at the helm than sitting in the cockpit because of the wind difference.

We use Skippers Bob ICW Anchorages and it is well worth the $17. They show us all the good anchorages along the ICW and where the free docks are! Coming into Jackson Creek was tricky because of the surrounding shoals. Look how close we are to this house. But it was well worth it to have a free dock!

Nala loves free docks too. Well she loves to just get off the boat whenever possible.

Sunday was rainy and much colder than Saturday. We had to hang our wet clothes to dry, staying dry is key.

We walked into town in Deltasville but it was 5pm on a Sunday so everything was closed. We found some outlets at this harware store to charge our laptops and had a mini dance party. The road into town was called Lovers Lane :)

Pretty boat lights at our free dock in Deltasville.

We had to get up at 6am and be on our way at 6:45 Monday to make it to Portsmouth, VA by 4:45

Cooking Bacon and Eggs. Christine had become quite the chef on board, even though I limit her electric use.  We bought fresh food before we left so we should be eating good this first week!

Monday we got into the roughest part of the Chesapeake Bay, the mouth!  The waves were very high, I dont really know how to measure wave hight, but our boat was getting tossed back and forth.  We wern't really prepared for all the tossing and soon we heard crashing down below.  By the time we got into the Norfolk chanel EVERYTHING was on our cabin floor.  Luckily nothing vital broke, just an ornament we had bought in Jamaica :(

This is how the off shift person stayed warm.  The main thing we were worried about was our toes.  The blanket shift person would take off their shoes and rub hand warmers on them.  Thanks to everyone who gave us hand warmers because they are crucial!

Cool Battleships at the Norfolk Naval Base


 We passed Norfolk and used Skippers Bobs advice again to land in Portsmouth across the river. In Portsmouth we got another Free Dock! Its meant as a 2 hour dock but it's January, we are one of two boats there and Skipper Bob says its unenforced.

Here is our view from our free dock, Norfolk at Night

After the long ten hour day of getting bashed by waves we walked into Portsmouth and found a Chinese Buffet.  We had plenty of food on board but thought we deserved it. So we indulged!

Today, Tuesday Jan 4th, we found a coffee shop with free wifi and to plug in our laptops. We are now at mile marker 0 of the ICW and will enter the Dismal Swamp!  We probably wont have internet till Friday when we hit Oriental, NC.  

On that note: Happy Birthday this week to Grammy, Paige and Jarret!!! 


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like ya'll are doing great! Free docks and beautiful lights at night to end the day. Yeah!

Melissa Lee Aikins said...

I just wanna give you guys a great big bear hug! MUAH!! I hope NC is warmer for you. Cant wait to see you in Florida!

Captain Dan (Dock Bum) said...

your braver than I, great going. watch the ICW for shallows and aligators.

tinamarie said...

Alligators!!!!! thanks capt dan, thats just what a mom wants to hear, lol lol.joey, makes sure nayla stays away from edges of boat. wouldnt want her to be some gators "snack pack"! so proud of u guys, you are taking great pics, stay warm, stay safe and have and miss you both.<3

Anonymous said...

Sailboats can be known to rock. Everything should be secure in the cabin when underway or even at anchor. You should be prepared for a 90 degree lean and a +45 to -45 degree whipsaw. Remember back when you installed that shelf and I told you to put an edge on in because everything would be on the floor after the first wave? The problem, I think, is in your previous trips in the Chesapeake you never seemed to hit any even moderately bad weather or waves. Be glad this happened and you can learn from it before you hit the open Atlantic Ocean.


Chris said...

It's funny, we took that same photograph of the house going into Jackson Creek at Deltaville. The folks on S/V ZTC took it also. There is something about that crazy approach that makes everybody break out their camera. Norfolk is our homeport, so I'm glad the city was all lit up when you came through. Have fun and be safe as you make your way south. We are all jealous.