The Search For Bright Waters

Friday, January 7, 2011


We got up at the crack of dawn and were underway by 6:45am.  We were eager to get to Oriental, NC TODAY!

Nala wasn't ready to be awake this early

We went through two more canals, larger than the Dismal, that were pretty easy.

Then while I was resting and Christine was at the helm along the Pungo River at mile marker 137 I heard her scream OH MY GOD AHHHH!!!! and I jumped up thinking we were running into a tanker or something. And then she screamed DOLPHINS!!!!!

Make sure to watch the whole video as one gets 5 feet away :)

Racing the sunset down the Neuse River

We pulled into the Oriental chanel right at 6pm when all light disapeared.  Christine sat at the bow again with the spot light and our walkie talkies on and navigated us into our 48 hour free dock!  You can see our boat here at

We broke the folding bikes out finally and strolled around town to get a preview. We can't wait to explore this sailing town!

Friday the 7th, 11:30am : We are currently sitting at The Bean enjoying coffee and ice cream :)


Chet said...

Dolphins! Way cool.

Anonymous said...

A sad note to all in North Carolina and others. An entire dock at Mccotter's Marina near Washington, NC went up in flames as 12:30 AM friday. No one died. 25 boats lost. Looks like the dock at N35 29.327 W76 57.481 to me.

It's been very cold and my bet is on boat heater fire or maybe an overload electrical line on the dock itself. After the fule is cleaned up and the blame assigned the llawsuits can begin. Now you know why your dockmaster was checking the electrical connections to your boat last year.

More at:


Eric said...

We love the harbor cam shot. thanks for all the great posts.

Chris said...

Dolphins in the ICW? Wow, that's cool. I still haven't spotted my first one, maybe they like colder water.

Joey and Christine said...

Jay: That is a sad story, but we should feel thankful everyone survived. We actually met the captain of Celtic River who was on the next dock over that night and called the fire department.
Chris: Since this one awesome event we have actually seen dolphins 3 more times... and I think we have only been at sea three days so that is pretty great! All while on the ICW btw. The ones since the video though have not been as numerous or as playful. Still impressive but not like the first day when they were putting on a show
Eric: Maybe we'll see out out there soon. BVI's April is that where Bonnie said you'll be?