The Search For Bright Waters

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oriental, NC in Pictures

We stayed from Thursday night till Sunday morning.  A quaint lil sailing town.

Who loves dragons!


The hot spot of town The Bean.  Good coffee and free internet.

The rest of the town a short bike ride away.  We were able to get a new charger for our handheld VHF at the local West Marine.  And we got a new in board VHF at this Marine Consignment shop.  We can communicate again!

Thank you Scott for the Hawian Sling!  We can't wait to get to clear waters to use it.

Even Nomy enjoyed Oriental and came out of the boat cabin pretty often.

We fueled up.

Christine got her much desired shower for $5 from the marina next door.

A house renovated by children.

Our town free dock.

We currently are staying the extra night because their are no other boats around and it was sleeting earlier.  We will be on our way south in the a.m. and wont post again till we reach Christines Granpas beach house in Kure Beach!


The Ceol Mors said...

Sometimes, a good shower is better than chocolate. Not always, but sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

I, uh, can't help but notice that there was no shower mentioned for Mr. Blond. Ah, the glamour of cruising!


Melissa Lee Aikins said...

I hope the weather holds up for you guys. and Christine... I would have paid $50 for a shower.. lol
Love you guys!!

Joey and Christine said...

Jay: Joey is an accountant. $5 isn't in the budget. Or it is, but on free wifi bars if you buy hot chocolate. When we get to warmer climates he will shower more frequently.
Missy: I know you won't charge me $50 to shower.
Ceol Mors: So true. So true. You all appreciate it next time you are showering with all that water and smelly good products and warmness and open space and getting clean.