The Search For Bright Waters

Monday, June 14, 2010

We're Still Here

Well we moved actually, but the Bright Eyes adventure continues. Sorry for the delay in posting but we've been really busy with everything.  We got our engine working long enough to limp back to Herrington Harbor North. Yes that's right, we are back in Deale! We've decided to move our Caribbean launch date back into spring of 2011.  This will allow us to get more experience and take our time on our remaining projects and to actually enjoy each others company instead of being in overdrive boat frenzy mode.  With the Nov 1st date looming and still alot of major projects to do like the Solar and Wind Power, we were just too stressed out and there was no time for fun.  So we are making more us time and enjoying our time still here in the States.  We will still go cruising some time next year, circa May 2011.

Since we have another year here, we moved back to our beloved HHN and left Liberty, the marina we've nicknamed 'the place where boat's go to die'.  It was just too overcrowded with liveaboards and we would guess that over half of the boats there havn't left their slip in over a year.

So stay with us a lil longer stateside as we have some new ideas and projects for the upcoming year.  Things should get interesting before we even head off!

more later.


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