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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Engine!

We're being a little more lenient with our big purchases now that we're extending our time time here by 6 months so with that in mind we went to West Marine last night and bought a BRAND NEW dinghy engine! Yay!

We took it out for a spin last night, we wanted to make it to the neat looking jetty's which we haven't been to by dinghy or kayaks before and have only seen when passing through them in Bright Eyes, but of course as we were boarding the boat we saw some friends who wanted to chat and although we didn't talk too long, the sky got darker and darker and the clouds were rolling in before we got out of there. No problems - let's go anyways! We made it out to the jetty's and back before the worst of the storm even at half throttle which we have to run it at for a little bit since it is a new engine before we can really see what it's got.

We love this engine! Finally something that works! Every time in the past we have tried to save money by going the cheap route of course whatever it is we bought breaks and we end up buying it again from West Marine.

It's a 3.5 HP Mercury and its 41 pounds without oil or gas. The friends that talked to us last night said to use gas without ethanol if we can find it. They said their outboard ran like sh*t here then they took it to the Bahama's for the winter and the gas there didn't have ethanol and it ran beautifully.


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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Congrats on your new purchase. We know how exciting that is! Sounds like ya'll had a great night. A new motor that works definitely helps.