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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy to be Home

Written by Christine

Woo hoo! Finally in our permanent slip at Herrington! We realized this weekend that since May 1st we have been in 7 slips. In the past whenever we would leave our slip for the day I would always be nervous at what was sure to be a disastrous event but now I hardly flinch. We have moved so much lately into new slips that didnt have lines ready and waiting for us. Joey is really getting good at going slowly enough not to freak me out that we are going to put a hole in an innocent boat parked next to us. He's not whipping around turns anymore trying to pull a captain Ron. ;)

Sadly we don't have any exciting sailing stories from the weekend to share since we are still waiting on our engine part from Japan.

This weekend everything we did at Herrington, we kept saying

'this one moment here is better than a whole summer at Liberty'.

'A rainy day at herrington...'

'This beautiful walk to our boat'..

'Seeing our friends...'

' This delicious and free feast/party Herrington put on Saturday night...'

'This clean bathroom...'

'This water you don't need a shower after you touch..'

ahhh! Bliss!

Now onto more pressing manners. We need AC. We need CHEAP AC. Our cats are sweating. I'm not sure how, but I'm pretty sure they are sweating. They are definitely panting like dogs. So are we. I know, I know, we can buy the nifty hatch AC units for like 500-1000 bucks, but we're not going to. What ways have you used to cool your boat? We installed some fans but that isn't enough and while we're on shore power why should we suffer?

Hey guys - why so quiet? Why didn't you tell us commenting didn't work? Hahaha. Have no fear, Christine is here. (Commenting is fixed).


Rasselas said...

We used to place a bowl of ice behind the fan. If the marina has an ice machine it won't cost you but if you have to buy the ice it can get pricy. We used to do this but the ice was free at the marina and I would fill our cooler chest so as not to have to make so many trips to the ice machine.

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Glad you fixed the comments! We've been trying. =) Enjoying your blog and hope to cross paths in the Caribbean one day!

DesertStar said...

Try Herrington Catalog. They have a low profile window unit to put in the hatchway. Or of course the room AC that expells water vapor through the exhaust hose.

Anonymous said...

Try this site it's for you boat

Joey and Christine said...

Eric: I couldn't find anything like that on that site... ?

Anonymous: Thanks, I have seen that site, its not very active but it is helpful!