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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank You, Good Bye, and Stuff For Sale

So after a lot of thought and consideration we have decided to hang up our sailing caps for now.  We got to experience our dream and had the time of our life both good and bad.  Now that we are back in the States we really appreciate all the nicities that you take for granted; showers, toilets, electricity, fresh food, family. 

Also as we are about to turn 26 and 27 we want to get on with other aspects of life like starting our own family.  Maybe later in life we will return to the water with a lot more experience and luxury! We have learned so much from this whole experience and are grateful to have the chance to pull it off.

We want to thank all our family, friends and blog readers for their support.  And a big thanks to all the people who have helped us along the way, we would not have been able to do it without the wonderfully helpful sailing community.  And a special thanks to Eric our boating mentor for his wealth of advice.

We have decided leave Bright Eyes in Ft Lauderdale to sell and move back to Maryland to live.  We have dumped more money than we'd like to admit into this adventure (I'm an accountant and have it all in excel) so we want to get as much back as possible.  Therefor we are selling a lot of our equipment as separate items that will directly benefit someone looking for cruising stuff.

We will be in Ft Lauderdale for about a week then will take all this stuff to sell in MD.
Please us at call 240-305-7177 to inquire.

Chesapeake Bay Chart book - $40 ($60 value)
Atlantic ICW Chartbook - $40 ($70 Value)
Skippers Bob ICW Anchorages -- Free with purchase ($17 value)
Explorer Near Bahamas Chart book - $40 ($65 value)
Explorer Exumas Bahamas Chart book - $40 ($65 value)
Explorer Far Bahamas Chart book -$40 ($65 value)
Dosier's Cruising the Bahamas Guide book - $20 ($40 value)
All four Bahamas books for $120 ($235 value)

8ft Walker Bay Dinghy Inflatable - $400 ($630 value)
8ft Dinghy Cover, 600 denier - $30 ($55 value)
2010 3.5 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard engine - $600 ($1050 value)

Two Green Zone Folding Bikes 20'' 6 speed with bags $250 ($400 value)
120v Ice Maker - $70 ($140 value) SOLD
100 amp alternator, brand new unused - $100 ($160 value)
Alcohol Stove, single burner 6800 btu - $80 ($155 Value)
Spot Locator - $80 ($120 Value)
Two Mustang Deluxe Inflatable Life Vests with Harnesses - $150 ($400 value) SOLD
Mast Top Climber with line - $100 ($350 Value) SOLD
Handheld Garmin - $100 ($200 value)
Handheld VHF HX 280S - $50 ($90 Value) SOLD
TV Antennae with mast mount - $80 -- ($200 value)

Portable red/green navigation light for dinghy - $20 ($35 value) SOLD
Two group 27 battery boxes $10 ($20 value)
Two Fishing Rod holders, rail mount - $30 ($70 value)
West Marine Air Dryer Dehumidifier - $30 ($60 value)
Rule Portable Hose with 12v/120v charger - $30 ($85 value)
West Marine Binoculars, Huahine 7x50 - $40 ($60 value)
20ft 5/16 HT G4 Chain, unused - $60 ($75 value) SOLD
Two 40 ft Safety Lines - $30 ($50 value) SOLD
Rail mount drink holder - $20 ($40 value)
Oil change drill attachment - $20 ($45 value)
Outboard engine bridle - $20 ($40 value) SOLD
Outboard engine rail mount, wooden - $20 ($30 value)
30amp to 15 amp adapter - $20 ($40 value)
Marriage Saver Two Way Headsets - $50 ($75 value) SOLD
Six 5 gallon yellow diesel jugs - $10 each or $50 for all six ($120 value) SOLD
Six 5 gallon collapsible water jugs - $20 ($35 value) SOLD


Captain Dan (Dock Bum) said...

Welcome Back.

I'll take this stuff. I can pick up in Maryland when you get back.
120v Ice Maker - $70 ($140 value)
Two Mustang Deluxe Inflatable Life Vests with Harnesses - $150 ($400 value)
Portable red/green navigation light for dinghy - $20 ($35 value)
20ft 5/16 HT G4 Chain, unused - $60 ($75 value)
Two 40 ft Safety Lines - $30 ($50 value)
Outboard engine bridle - $20 ($40 value)
Marriage Saver Two Way Headsets - $50 ($75 value)
Six 5 gallon yellow diesel jugs - $10 each or $50 for all six ($120 value)
Six 5 gallon collapsible water jugs - $20 ($35 value)
Dan dot sloopjb(at)
Captain of "Trinity"Seidelmann 37
Or I can call you tell me.

Joey and Christine said...
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Joey and Christine said...

They're yours! Thanks

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sorry to see this come to an end, but can definitely understand. Glad you had the opportunity to realize your dream. The memories will last a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed, and will miss your blog. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Good luck in all of your future life adventures.

Anonymous said...

Through your adventure you have shown some of the good and the bad of this type of choice. Many are wanting to follow in your footsteps.

If you had it to do again starting two years ago, would you do everything the same? Would you want more experience in sailing before buying a boat? What would you look for in a boat given what you now know? Would you want more money in hand before quitting your jobs? How much would have been enough? What are the reasons you decided to hang it up for now?

Many boggers write about the run up to the trip and the trip itself but almost everyone stops blogging when they decide to go back to land. This is a very important time to talk about the transition back to land that they will need to make someday.


Joey and Christine said...

We will write another blog once we have something to report. Right now we are working on the engine and getting the boat ready for sale.

We will also write a looking back blog. But we won't continue writing about our "normal" lives.

SV Edelweiss said...

Welcome back. I was glad to see that you made it safely despite the challenges you faced. I am also happy that you were able to fulfill your dream and hope that you will come back to sailing in the future.

As to the items you are selling, as I discussed with Joey on the telephone yesterday, I am interested in the dinghy and motor (and possibly the cover). I sail with my wife and two children (10 and 13) so my main concern was that the capacity of the dinghy was sufficient. I will contact you when you get back to Maryland to arrange a time to come and see it.
Captain "Edelweiss"
Seidelmann 37
Delaware City, DE
svedelweiss at gmail dot com

hans and laura said...

We too spent more money than we ever intended. We are now going to give up our cheap apartment up north and move to Florida where we're going to live aboard in a marina. Hans got a job down there so this makes sense for us.
Keep in touch and come visit us!
I've no doubt you'll set sail again in your future and you have many years ahead of you to do so. And even if you don't, you've already done more than some people ever dream of doing.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in these items.
Mast Top Climber with line - $100 ($350 Value)
Handheld Garmin - $100 ($200 value)
Handheld VHF HX 280S - $50 ($90 Value)
Can you post an e-mail address where I can contact you?

s/v Vixen
Jacksonville FL

Anonymous said...

email us at

Brodi said...


I obviously came late to your blog, but am reading from the beginning since my husband and I are in the preparation stage of our sailing dream!

If you have any of this stuff left, please email me at svpassage at gmail dot com because we have family in MD who can pick up stuff for us.

Thanks for writing such an honest and interesting blog. It makes me even more excited for when we cut the docklines!

S/V Passage