The Search For Bright Waters

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating Bahamas Independence

Like we said before, Nassau isn't the worst place in the world to be stuck.  It is pretty expensive and the beaches are distant and crowded but there is still plenty to enjoy.

July 10th was Bahamas Independence Day so we have been enjoying the celebrations.

Here is that scary dredging barge that we had to sail and anchor next to at night.  It looks like it wants to eat sailboats.   We threw out a second anchor to keep from swinging into it and then it moved to harass other boats.

For $30 we can get 15 Kaliks and a bag of ice. This is how we reward our selves after a few days of blistering heat.

Our friend Francois has been anchored next to us and has been a big help with our engine.  We have been enjoying the city with him.

We went to Atlantis again, this time with Francois showing us how to do it cheaper.  They have complimentary movies in Theater!  So we saw Gnomeo and Juliet, and Just Go With It.  

We also found that you can just walk through the aquarium for free! (Nobody checks for wristbands)  Why did we pay $80 last time, ugh.

Then we enjoyed the gypsy/pirate show.  There were fire dancers, stilt dancers, and a mermaid.  It was a huge carnival party.

The rest of our time here has been hunting down free internet signals.  The Green Parrot, Starbucks, McDonalds, and the side of buildings are our favorite spots.  

Here is Christine being a rebel.

As for our departure plans we have decided to just sail to Florida just the two of us and fix the engine there. Here is the thread we posted on Cruiser Forum which has a lot of advice. We think it is a bad piston ring.

 Thank you for all the help and offers to crew but we want to get out of here asap before the weather gets worse. My mom is coming to visit this week and then we will get going.

We hope to sail into Fort Lauderdale, fix the engine and put the boat on dry storage while we are in MD.  So if anyone has any recommendations for a good mechanic or good marina let us know.


Captain Dan (Dock Bum) said...

your last post about overfilling the transmission oil, remined me of a problem I had last summer. A mechanic also overfilled the engine which caused a problem when the engine became stressed, "heavy seas", which caused oil to blow-by the cylanders. much smoke and oil coming out. It also caused hard starting. The problem was he was miss reading the dip stick and put way too much oil in the engine, the yanmar's dip stick MUST be screwed down tight to get the correct reading. (not just pushed into it's tube, then removed and read. if you don't screw it down you wind up adding way too much oil, which causes blow-by. Hope this helps

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Looks like ya'll are making the best of things. Like you said, there are worse places to get stuck! Enjoy your time with "mom"!

Steve Chase said...

Way to go guys. It's been 95-100'F in MD, I'd take Kaliks and Atlantis anyday!
Can't wait to hear how you make out getting to FL, should be a piece of cake. Enjoy the journey!

Chris said...

If you need a recommendation for a mechanic in Fort Lauderdale, I just had a 500hr overhaul (and then some) done and it came out great.
The mechanic's name is Sherry Ouellette. Her number is 954 288 8218. I'm sure she can fix anything.

SV/SailAway said...

Before heading into Ft. Laud. Check out the marinas from Ft. Pierce north to Titusville. They are generally less expensive for storage, and generally have lower labor cost (especially in the summer months). Ft. Pierce has a good inlet, Sea Tow is located in the inlet if you need asst. and has an excellent Do It Your Self Yard with short or long term storage. The yard does some engine repairs and there are both Mfg. dealers and a host of independent technicians in the area. We have docked, stored and had work done on both of our boats there over the last six years.

Email us if you want additional information.

Gordon, Bonnie & Sinbad the sailing cat

Anonymous said...

News says there is a tropical depressing forming near you two.. could form into a tropical storm tomorrow. Keep on the look out.


PaleMoonDove said...

Wow..what an adventure...we are following you and hope you stay safe...the kitty is safe!
Capt'n and Doll

Joey and Christine said...

Thanks Steve, we have been watching the weather closely.

Thanks for all the advice and well wishes.

See you all in the States!