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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Favorite Topic: Foodz!

Joey mentioned today that it is a little over 60 days until we leave. I highly think it is time I FINALLY get to start provisioning. (I love food and have been waiting for this). Does anyone have any tips? Great recipes? We have an alcohol stove (single burner), microwave to use scarcely, and a propane grill out back. We don't want fancy meals, we love cheap and quick and few ingredients that keep well. One thing that we tried and actually love is hobo sailors fajita shell pizza found here:

other things we know we like
canned ravioli, spagettios, rice, spam, tuna...

cheap things like that, soooo if you have any great cheap ideas that you would love to share with us to expand our cruising diet that would be great!

What inspired this is my reading an article on the front page of yahoo today, about how to lower your grocery bill with beans and rice and stuff. I only know how to use split peas (split pea soup duhhhhh) however ---- I only know how to do that in the crock pot and I AINT exactly going to have the electricity for that, so if anyone has easy bean, pea or rice recipes that cook in less time thats really what I'm asking for.


Ok Ok only one more...



GalleySwap said...

Hey guys! Can't wait to read about your upcoming adventures!
Check out for recipes and tips for the galley!

The Ceol Mors said...

We are figuring out the provisioning as well. Gives me something to do while the boat undergoes surgery. We love Sante Fe Stew- we add chick peas into it as well. It makes a lot, so cut your recipe in half. You can purchase tinned ground beef so everything is in cans. Picky kids will eat it topped with crushed torilla chips and cheese, but its good alone.,1748,155163-246207,00.html

s/v Skylark said...

Hey guys. One pot wonders was the way we went with Skylark. Make up some big batches of stews before you go and put them in small, stackable containers for 2. It's easy to throw it the pot when you get to your nightly destination or when you are out to sea. Put them at the bottom of the fridge and they will last for quite a while. Good luck. Jim

Joey and Christine said...

Hey GalleySwap, that site is great! Who is this running it?

I have only made it as far as the tips page and I am already in love - thanks!


GalleySwap said...

Hey guys! Glad you like GalleySwap! It's been a bit of a labor of love. Really hope to see your recipes up there!
We only cruise locally in the Pacific NW right now but plan to set out full-time cruising in a couple of years. Our personal blog is at
So glad to see you guys are making it happen NOW!