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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let There Be LED Light

Two more weddings since the last post. Whew! Congrats to Melissa and Gene and Steve and Jess!!! No more weddings in the near future so back to boat work. Darn ;)

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Joey has almost finished putting together the jerry can wood - the project I started in May but never finished. The boards are on but we need to apply a weather proof coat.

Let us not forget that last weekend was also the sailboat show in Annapolissss!!! We went this year with a shopping list and stuck to it for the most part. We bought one thing not on the list which we needed anyways which was a boat hammock, I cant wait to figure that thing out/put it to use. Other than that we got some LED's so soon it will be up the mast again for Joey. We replaced the running, stern, and masthead/anchor lights. We also replaced the cabin lights in our v-berth and main cabin. And we got an LED utility light that will be used to light up the cockpit when needed. This will all keep our energy down when we are anchored at night and have no solar power.

Oh yeah, here is a picture of some dumpster food we found. YUM!!!! Actually it's not dumpster food it's 'freecycle' food.... less than 80 days til blast off so beggers can't be choosers right, especially since Joey just purchased the $250 wirie and though he begged for a discount they wouldn't give us one. Sigh. Our current internet is poor at best now so this will immediatly help. And it will allow us to continue blogging while we are cruising!

Tommorrow is Joeys birthday. We are gonna play some golf!



Eric said...

Hi You Two, We missed you at the party. Hope to see you this fall. Best always,
Eric & Bonnie

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Tell Joey "Happy Belated B-Day". Sounds like his birthday is the same day as my father's. LED lights are the way to go.. they're on our list. BTW, love your dress that you wore to the wedding!

johnson said...

Two more weddings since the last post.
- industrial light fixtures