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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Last Big Purchases Have Been Made

Sorry we have been afk for awhile.  September was a stressful month.  After a closing delay and having to cancel our FL flight, the house finally went to close on the 23rd.  So it's official, we own a house!  Our next step is to fly down there and get it rent ready, which does not involve much.  Then we will let a management company rent it out while we are cruising.

Since I've been home I have cleaned everything corner of our boat/home.  It took awhile and requires constant attention but its nice having the open clutter free living area.  Christine has been busy working and taking 3 college online classes.  And through all this, she still hasn't smoked one cigarette! We also started running again and finally got to the 10 mile per week mark again.

Well now that the house is takin care we were able to spend money again and bought two 80 watt Sunforce Solar Panels with the controller.  We also bought Martek Dinghy Davits.  These are two big items that we have been watching and saving for for awhile.  It feels good to finally buy them because they are the last big items to purchase!  Once we have them installed, then we just need to repair the engine and we are ready to go.

We plan on putting the Solar Panels on top of the Dinghy Davits.  We have been walking around the marina to get ideas on how to do it.  We also have contacted some boat contractors because drilling into the hull is my worst nightmare.  So if it is affordable we might let them do the scary part.



Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Dinghy davits and solar panels... words this girl loves. Can't wait to get some myself!

Congrats on the new home purchase (and Christine not smoking)!

Joey said...

Thank you! We are working on the install now. It's the last project holding us to shore...