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Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Stay At Sandals Emerald Bay

Sometimes you just get lucky.  

While walking around the George Town Regatta we stopped at a Sandals Emerald Bay booth.  Sandals just opened this location a year ago and was providing a station for their guests visiting the Regatta.

Christine just happened to be wearing the sandals necklace that Sandals gave us for returning the 2nd time and being Sandals Select members.  (We honeymooned there in 2008 and vacationed there in 2009 which is what inspired this whole adventure from the beginning)

We talked to the lady running the booth who was a Sandals manager and she noticed Christine's necklace.  She said we were family and needed to come home, that we should come by and she'd let us in.  Our faces lit up and we said we definitely would!

So after the Regatta was over, on Monday, we cabbed it to Sandals Emerald Bay!

Here's a view of Sandals from a hill that the cab driver showed us.

We arrived on location bright and early at 8:30am. 

All Sandals seem to have island cats.  I'd live here too if I was a cat.

We immediately went to the breakfast buffet and dived into all the foods we had been dreaming about since we left Maryland.  Sandals is Heaven!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, eating, drinking, exploring and having fun.  It was nice to swim in fresh water and to order food without price tags.

Here's the view of the hill the cab driver took us to from the bottom

We felt only slightly out of place since most couples there were staying for the week.  And as we met people the first questions asked are where and you from and how long are you staying?  Christine and I would look at each other and slowly bumble into how we are actually living on a boat down the water and are just staying the day.

The couples were always surprised and began asking questions which we got pretty good at answering.  One of the Sandals excursions was to visit Thunderball Grotto and the Pigs so we told everyone to go see them.

After five more meals and a beach party we didn't want to leave.  So we decided we would just drink at the bar till the 2am close and figure out the sleeping thing later, maybe pull an all nighter.  We ended up meeting a really nice couple our age from Indiana on their honeymoon, Nate and Casey, and drank with them all night till the bar closed.  Then they brought down their room drinks and we had a late night pool party.

When it came time to say goodnight they invited us to spend the night in their living room.  We felt bad intruding but they insisted and it at least solved our sleeping dilemma.  Our sleeping quarters were separate from theirs and we moved to the pool at the crack of dawn but that was really swell of them!

Needless to say we missed breakfast but got two lunches before finally calling the cab to take us home.  The manager who invited us saw us the next morning and we were a little embarrassed extending our stay but she didn't mind.  Christine just told her we had so much fun that we missed our ride last night.

Here is our annual leaving Sandals waiting in the lobby pic.

If you have never been to Sandals we recommend you go to their website and book a vacation right now!  It is the greatest place on earth!!!  All inclusive.  Buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fine Dining, all cuisines.  Pools, hot tubs, the beach, excursions.  Normal bars and pool bars.  And they treat you like royalty. Just show up and have as much fun as possible!  

We love Sandals!


Laura and Hans said...

I hope you ate yourselves silly! Since all I've been making is macaroni and cheese, tuna helper, and brownies etc...what I'm really craving is a salad and I don't even like vegatables!
Where are you off to next?

christine said...

Laura, I definitely agree with you on the salad cravings! Fresh food is so hard to come by here (well not here in Georgetown) but its also expensive, I might as well buy a steak! We are staying in Gtown for ...? A month probably? then back north slowly...


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Wow, ya'll did get lucky! Nothing like a free vacation from your daily life (which is also pretty awesome). Love the "figure it out later" attitude regarding sleeping arrangements. That attitude is what makes life so interesting!

Anonymous said...

Something has changed in your website and I can no longer access it from my regular computer so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me much.

Your old site works perfectly though but I guess you get no ad revenue from that.

I haven't seen pics of you guys for quite a while. It didn't seem that the shake weight is doing the job to you guys that thay make it appear to do in its commercials!

In short, I think you gettin fat!


Joey and Christine said...

Jay: For someone who can't access the blog, you were able to leave a comment on our most recent one. In response to your latest rude comment, in which I think you went a little too far, I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish by calling us fat, but I'm tired of listening to every snarky comment of yours and just dealing with it. Do you realize even our family and friends ask who this 'Jay' is, or rather who he thinks he is??? Find another couple/blog to harass, we're done with you. Thanks!!! Christine