The Search For Bright Waters

Friday, February 4, 2011

Daytona Beach Has Baby Alligators

We finally left beautiful St Augustine Wednesday morning.  The trip to Daytona was pretty relaxed.  See

We found an anchorage and dinghied to the mainland side.  There was a really nice skate park which was fun to watch and then we walked downtown to the West Marine.  We are having drive shaft trouble again and need the correct bolts still.  Unfortunately West Marine couldn't help us.

The night was still young so we ventured over to the ocean side.  There was no public dinghy landing so we just pulled up to a vacant house for sale and asked the neighbors if then minded us crossing through the yard.  We walked by a really big and cool looking putt putt golf place.  It was too expensive for us but they had live baby alligators!  

A lot of them!

There were also turtles and fish living in there and we couldn't understand why the alligators weren't eating them all.

Next we walked the beach. It was dark tho and we stepped on a few dead jelly fish.

I bought some water shoes at the store and we saw really cute baby turtles.

That night the wind was blowing so hard that I kept getting up to make sure our anchor wasn't dragging.  While I was doing that I witnessed another boat trying to go up wind and getting pushed back into another boat.  There wasn't any damage but it was still scary with so many boats anchored together.  I finally just brought our hand held Garmin to bed with us so that I could periodically check it to see if we were drifting.

I love these diving birds

Thursday we woke without dragging one inch.  I love our over sized anchor.  We made it to Titusville and went to shore to look for parts but ended up just getting groceries.  We were wearing raggedy clothes and borrowed a shopping cart from Save-A-Lot to push our groceries down the street.  We looked and felt like real bums and couldn't help laughing at each other.

Friday we woke up to a thick fog.  Visibility was less than 1000 feet at some points.  Which was really scary when we had bridges to open.  We were talking to the bridge operator and requesting an opening before we could even see the bridge.  Then the bridge would just appear in front of us and start opening.  

The fog was gone by noon though and we tossed the anchor over behind the Eau Gallie Bridge in Melbourne around 3.  Mile Marker 914.

We will be staying at our good friends Josh and Missy's house in Melbourne for the next few days to get some rest and paperwork done like taxes.  Also it will be fun hanging out with them and getting some Sunny's BBQ!


Anonymous said...

Surely one, if not both, of your Garmins have anchor drag alarms?


TaylorMad1 said...

Sonny's is the best BBQ!!

TaylorMad1 said...
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Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Aren't the alligators so cute when they're little? I guess like most things are. Ya'll may look like bums to others, but they don't know your little secret ... you're island bums! There's nothing better! Taxes, just can't avoid them! =)

Bill K said...

Have you tried a hardware store for your bolts ?

Bill Kelleher