The Search For Bright Waters

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sailing for Dummie's May or May Not Have Covered This

 Time to buff up on my sailing skillz! I took an oceanography class at the community college online this semester to satisfy requirements but I chose that particular class in hopes it would help me in my sailing adventures. My awesome professor has decided that for my class paper I can choose my topic and I chose trade winds and how they apply to sailing which she has ok'ed. Everyone always talks about the trade winds, 'gotta wait for the trade winds to make the jump' or something like that. Me and Joey are like, yeah whatever. Anyways, it is crunch time to leave (44 days) and crunch time for my semester to end and me to write this paper (2 weeks) ((not a slacker or anything)) so if you know anything about trade winds or why I should care about them as a sailor, now's your chance to show your stuff!


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